Sustainable development

Ecoslops is the cleantech that brings oil into circular economy,

and despite the absence of regulatory obligations, Ecoslops has chosen to share with you its information on social responsibility. While waiting for our first Sustainable Development report to be published on April 29, 2020, you will find below some elements concerning our business model, our activity and our commitments.

A circular economy that respects the environment

Ecoslops creates long-term partnerships with collectors of slops and sludges from ships, as well as with industries that generate hydrocarbon residues to buy this waste. By giving them economic value, we thus prevent them, despite increasingly strict regulations, from being discharged into the oceans or dumped in inappropriate places. In this energy transition period, the recovery of this waste also improves the material footprint of hydrocarbons by avoiding further extraction.

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Visit our page on the French government platform for Circular Economy


What makes Ecoslops a cleantech? ?

Ecoslops promotes the eco-design of its units, and mandated Carbone 4, a consultancy firm specializing in climate issues, in order to quantify the impact of its GHG emissions on its La Mède en Provence site, whose opening is scheduled for 2020.

Manufacturing emissions divided by 3

For a unit like La Mède (30,000T / year), Carbone 4 underlines that Ecoslops process makes it possible to divide manufacturing emissions by three compared to the traditional method based on the extraction of crude oil, and helps preserve the stock of fossil raw materials)

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The results of the study indicate that the La Mède site alone will reduce emissions by 13 ktCO²eq / year.

A sector pushed towards more virtuous behaviors

The economic revalorization by Ecoslops financially encourages shipowners and other producers of these residues to have them treated in a much more transparent manner, avoiding de facto wild discards at sea.

In addition, Carbone 4 has shown that before Ecoslops arrives at a site like La Mède, petroleum residues are generally used by cement manufacturers as starting fuel. After Ecoslops arrives, they have to turn to other sources of energy. Current technical and economic conditions make natural gas the most likely alternative fuel (less carbon-containing than petroleum residues). Applied in the case of La Mède, this fuel substitution results in an additional reduction in GHG emissions of 9 ktCO²eq / year.

13 ktCO²eq + 9 ktCO²eq =

22 ktCO²eq of greenhouse gas emissions avoided per year

Or the equivalent of:

emissions evitees camions GB 72 RVBor of

emissions evitees transport GB 72



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The implementation of Ecoslops technology has many advantages:

• Division by three of emissions linked to the manufacture of petroleum products

• 22 ktCO²eq avoided per year for a site like that of La Mède treating 30,000t of residues per year

• Reduction of wild discards at sea

• Contribution to the improvement of the fossil material footprint (preservation of the stock of non-renewable fossil raw material)

• Full traceability of the waste treatment process


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It also contributes to strengthening the Sustainable Development policy of ports, while allowing them to offer new value-added services, and to create jobs. Each step of the process is transparent and traceable, in accordance with international regulations on the management and treatment of hydrocarbon waste.

Consult our Environmental Policy

Our Sustainable Development report is prepared in accordance with ISO standard 26000 establishing guidelines for corporate social responsibility.


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Since 2019, Ecoslops has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.


Since 2019, Ecoslops has also been a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, which provides a universal and voluntary framework, structured around 10 principles relating to respect for human rights, international labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption, to advance together the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations.

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Men and security

Ecoslops places great importance on the health and safety of its employees and other stakeholders.

Consult our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality policy

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and our Golden Rules



Responsible purchasing 


Ecoslops has set up a responsible purchasing policy which can be consulted here


ESG financial rating

Ecoslops entered Panel 230 of the ESG Gaïa rating agency in 2019.

See our latest ranking in the investors information section