Who we are ?

We are a company committed to protecting the planet from different types of pollution.

Our raison d’être

Our mission is to contribute to the energy transition and environmental conservation through innovations that help to preserve the stocks of raw materials and avoid pollution.

Strongly rooted in the circular economy, we have the technologies and expertise to produce low-carbon, second-generation products.

  • Pollution associated with the extraction of raw materials:

98% of the waste we treat is regenerated. This helps to improve the material footprint of hydrocarbons by avoiding new extractions.

  • Environmental pollution associated with the discharge of hydrocarbon waste into the natural environment: By restoring value to this hydrocarbon waste (fuels and used lube oil), Ecoslops encourages the producers of these residues to offload them at ports using the services of existing collection facilities, thus avoiding their discharge into the natural environment and the harm they cause for marine and land biodiversity.
  • Environmental pollution associated with production accidents: The company complies with the legislation in force, applying the best practices and technologies available to reduce and prevent any air, soil, or water pollution. It has access to odor-control equipment and regularly measures its emissions. It is careful to install its units in industrialized areas to reduce any harmful impact onlocal residents and biodiversity.
  • Air pollution associated with producing energy products: Our innovative industrial solutions can transform hydrocarbon waste into fuel and soft bitumen, emitting three times less CO2 than conventional oil production processes.
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Our expertise

Through variouscutting-edge solutions, Ecoslops uses its innovation and expertise to transform hydrocarbon residues into new products, in compliance with international standards. The company has thus developed a sustainable solution to the problem of managing hydrocarbon waste, while also supplying the industrial market with new fuels and soft bitumen produced with a reduced environmental footprint.

Ecoslops takes an innovative approach that permeates the entire value chain (from waste collection to the distribution of recycled products), to offer businesses and institutional actors a solution that is:

    • economical,
    • traceable,
    • more environmentally friendly,
    • transparent,
    • and which complies with international regulations on the collection and treatment of these residues.

To continue offering our customers and partners the most advanced techniques available, our teams of engineers are constantly working to optimize our facilities and equipment and develop new methods and processes.

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Our values


which we see as a means of nurturing curiosity and creativity.


the importance of being able to adapt to the times and circumstances, and stay agile, flexible, and autonomous.


we are proactive and fully engaged in every project we take on.


is fundamental to our circular economy activity and the eco-design of our units and services.


is key to delivering high-quality performance and services, withsoft skills that are bothmeticulous and constructive.


For us, knowledge-sharing, modesty and good humor are the cornerstones of trueteam spirit.

Our story


The oceans needed to be protected from the deliberate discharge of hydrocarbon residues generated by ships. Ecoslops was set up to offer port infrastructures and waste collectors (maritime and land) a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution in compliance with international regulations. After working with several refining experts, in 2009 Ecoslops founders Michel Pingeot and Jean-Claude Company created a business to develop a dedicated solution.

Ecoslops, the cleantech that brings oil into the circular economy, was born.

After more than five years of R&D, the resulting technological innovation was installed on an industrial scale at the Sinès site in Portugal. This micro-refining process, called P2R (Petroleum Residue Recycling), was able to produce soft bitumen and fuels from maritime and land residues, in compliance with international standards. Ecoslops’ mission was to support the fossil energy transition by giving hydrocarbon waste a second lease on life.

The Ecoslops business model provided an outlet for this waste as well asa sustainable and cost-effective solution for its collection and treatment.



Michel Pingeot, Jean-Claude company and gemmes venture create ecoslops.

Michel Pingeot, Jean-Claude company and gemmes venture create ecoslops.

The pilot technology wascommissioned to tackle the problem of hydrocarbon waste at sea. The process proved successful, with its capacity to refine mixtures of marine oil residues and extract recycled fuels from them (gasoil and heavy fuel), and became known as the P2R (Petroleum Residue Recycling) process.


The P2R is scaled up for industrial use

The P2R is scaled up for industrial use

The company identified the Sinès site in Portugal and went on to develop the project and build the unit in 2013. Ecoslops obtained the exclusive rights to collect maritime oil residues in the port. In parallel with the construction work, the technical team continued to work on improving the P2R column.
At end-2014, Ecoslops signed a commercial agreement for the local collection of hydrocarbon waste generated by ships belonging to MSC, the world’s second-largest container shipping company.


Commissioning of the sinès unit and ecoslops ipo

Commissioning of the sinès unit and ecoslops ipo

The Sinès unit entered service. Ecoslops Portugal’s had its fuels certified and went on to make itsfirst sales.
That same year, Ecoslops launched its IPO in Paris.


Signature of a memorandum of understanding with TOTALENERGIES

Ecoslops signed an MOU with TotalEnergies for a P2R unit on the La Mède Platform near Marseille.

Production capacity at Sinès increased.


A growing business

A growing business

An application for an operating permit at the Marseille site was made to the relevant authorities.

The first year Ecoslops Portugal made a profit.




Work startedinMarseille. Optimization of Portugal site.


A few steps closer to the circular economy

A few steps closer to the circular economy

Ecoslops and the European Investment Bank (EIB) signed an €18 million loan agreement.
Construction of the Scarabox pilot.
Signature of the United Nations Global Compact for Sustainable Development.
“We support” Global Compact logo.


First scarabox in cameroon

First scarabox in cameroon

Signature of a letter of intent to install a Scarabox unit near the port of Kribi (Cameroon).


Marseille set to go

Marseille set to go

Start-up of the Marseille unit.
Signature of the first Scarabox sales agreement.


First scarabox unit shipped to cameroon

First scarabox unit shipped to cameroon

Sale of Ecoslops Provence to TotalEnergies

Sale of Ecoslops Provence to TotalEnergies



Michel Pingeot started his career in 1966 as an engineer with Heurtey Petrochem. With the backing of SOFRESID, he went on to found Heurtey Petrochem Engineering and became its Chief Executive Officer. In 2009, he co-founded ECOSLOPS to develop his P2R technology.


Jean-Claude Company is a co-founder of Ecoslops, along with Michel Pingeot. After starting his careeras a researcher at the French Petroleum Institute, he joined Totalwhere he held the positions ofResearch Vice President, Operations Vice President, andVice President of Refining. Jean-Claude Company still sits on the board of Ecoslops.
Jean-Claude COMPANY

Co-founder and Vice President of the Board of Directors.

Founded in 1999, Gemmes Venture is a private-equity investment firm. It is fully and privately owned by its two managing founders: Thierry Garret and Philippe Monnot. The firm specializes in acquiring minority and majority shareholdings, particularly in non-listed companies(start-up, development, turnaround). Gemmes Venture’s philosophy is to support the companies it invests in over the medium and long term.




Vincent Favier founded Ecoslops in 2009. He was appointed its CEO in August 2015 and became Chairman and CEO in 2016.
Vincent FAVIER

Chairman and CEO

Jean-Claude Company co-founded Ecoslops with Michel Pingeot. He began his career in the 1970s as a researcher at the French Petroleum Institute. Jean-Claude Company became Research Vice President at TotalEnergies in 1990 and then Operations Vice President. From 1993 to 2006, he held the position of Refining Vice President at TotalEnergies. He currently sits on the Boards of several French companies.
Jean-Claude COMPANY

Co-founder and independant administrator.

Olivier Fortesa is a partner at Amber Capital UK LLP, where he works as a Portfolio Manager in the European equities market. He started his career in New York in 2003 in the equity derivatives department of Société Générale. He graduated from the University of Paris IX Dauphine with a master’s in Management Science.


A graduate of Oxford University and Sciences Po Paris, Mark Inch is an expert in the financing, investment, and management of complex projects.

Independent Director

Xavier Ploquin is a graduate of the École Polytechnique Corps des Mines. From 2017 to 2019, he was successively appointed to the Cabinet of Ministers for Ecological and Socially Responsible Transition, as an Energy, Industry, and Innovation Adviser. In February 2020, he joined the Meridiam infrastructure fund as a Senior Associate and Chief of Staff to the CEO.

Independent Director


Chief Administrative and Financial Officer

Vincent FEŸS

Chief Development Officer