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Speaking about growth and employment in Blue Circular Economy – Portuguese Oceans Meeting 2018

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Vincent Favier was invited  by the Portugal’s Republic to attend the « Oceans meeting 2018 », that took place on september 20th in presence of the Portugal’s President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, and the Minister of the sea, Ana Paula Vitorino. He talked about the opportunities for growth and employment related to the Blue Circular Economy.

IMG 0384

Vincent Favier, Oceans meeting 2018 – Lisbonne, Portugal

The international community has recently reaffirmed the importance of the global Blue Economy, which covers all activities in order to ensure a sustainable use of the ocean’s resources, such as fishing, shipping, renewable energy and biotechnology. In fact, according to the European Commission, the Blue Economy for Europe could mean 10,8 million jobs and nearly a turnover of 1 trillion euros.


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At the center, the portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, and at his right, the minister of the sea, Ana Paula Vitorino.

 The portuguese ministry of the sea highlighted that the ocean will likely be the last opportunity for us to guarantee a common future. The need for investment, innovation and the right use of knowledge and science are key solutions to boost a new economic growth and, moreover, to achieve sustainable development and climate goals.


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“It is thanks to the very innovative nature of our technology that we are able to propose a solution to preserve fossil natural resources and the maritime environment, while creating qualified and sustainable jobs. Technical and commercial development are numerous and continue to fuel Research and Development, the only barrier to entry to preserve our lead »

Excerpt from Vincent Favier’s speech, Oceans meeting Portugal – September 20, 2018