Vincent Favier

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

A graduate of French engineering school école Centrale de Lyon and with a master’s degree from French business school HEC, Vincent Favier has worked as a management strategy consultant, was in charge of development and investments at Worms & Cie, headed the Paris office of asset manager Amber Capital and served as chief investment officer at asset management and investment firm Tikehau Capital. He helped found Ecoslops in 2009 and was appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2015 and Chairman & Chief Executive Officer in 2016.


Pascal Bonfils

Chief Manufacturing Officer

Pascal Bonfils has extensive expertise, acquired internationally, in energy- and production-related issues. A graduate of France’s ENSAM engineering school, the IFP School and continuing education research and education institute CNAM, Pascal made a significant contribution to the initial studies and operational development of the Petroleum Residue Recycling (P2R) process, currently used at a unit operated by Ecoslops in Portugal.


Sophie Dufossé

Chief Technology Officer

A graduate of the ENSIC chemical engineering school in Nancy, France, Sophie Dufossé began her career as a process engineer in pre-project and project development at Heurtey Petrochem. She worked on various technical projects with the company’s Indian and Russian subsidiaries. Sophie joined Ecoslops in 2012 to lead the Technical Division.


Vincent Feÿs

Chief Administrative & Financial Officer

A graduate of the ESCEM business and digital school in Tours, France, and holder of a master’s degree in accounting and finance, Vincent Feÿs began his career at KPMG Audit. He then held various finance-related senior management positions at the French and U.S. subsidiaries of international companies such as Endemol, RTL Group and Publicis. He joined Ecoslops in 2019 as head of the Finance & Administration Division to support the company’s growth and organization.


Wladimir Makinsky

Chief Development Officer

A graduate of the French Maritime Academy (ENSM), Wladimir Makinsky began his career as a merchant navy officer at the Maersk group. From 2012 to 2017, he was first a project manager and then a development officer at Bolloré Transport & Logistics,  managing industrial projects, notably in Africa. He joined Ecoslops in 2017 as Chief Development Officer.


Pedro Simões

Chief Executive Officer, Ecoslops Portugal

A graduate of the IST school of architecture, engineering, science and technology in Lisbon, Portugal, Pedro Simões has extensive international experience of managing complex, high-risk industrial sites. Pedro’s expertise encompasses planning and execution — skills honed during his time at Evonik — reengineering and ERP.




Michel Pingeot began his career in 1966, working as an engineer at Heurtey Petrochem. Subsequently, with the backing of the SOFRESID group, he created Heurtey Petrochem Engineering, of which he was Chief Executive Officer. He co-founded Ecoslops in 2009 with the aim of developing his P2R process technology.


Jean-Claude COMPANY


Jean-Claude Company began his career as a researcher at the French Petroleum Institute. He later joined Total, where he held various positions, including Vice President Research, Vice President Operations and Vice President Refining. Jean-Claude sits on the Board of Directors of Ecoslops.