Mission and ambition

Ecoslops’ mission is to contribute to the energy transition and to preserve the environment through innovations that help to preserve stocks of raw materials and avoid pollution. Being anchored in a circular economy, combined with our technology and our expertise, enables us to produce new energy products at low carbon intensity.


Ecoslops’ ambition is to establish itself as a major player in the treatment of hydrocarbon residue. To achieve this, Ecoslops, player in the circular economy, is implementing an innovative technology that allows optimized treatment of these residues in new fuels and light bitumen. 

The Ecoslops technology is innovative due to its ability to treat maritime oil residues (slops and sludges) containing water, sediment, heavy metals and various other pollutants.

For these industrial residues, which are most often incinerated for lack of recovery, Ecoslops offers a sustainable solution that is economical, transparent, traceable and respectful of environmental standards.

Ecoslops also benefits from expertise in the processes of collection, treatment and refining of slops and sludges, and ensures the traceability of oil residues. As a result, it is able to offer an integrated process that represents an appealing alternative for port infrastructure, waste collectors and ship owners.

With the launch of its first industrial unit in Port of Sines, Portugal, Ecoslops has taken its technology beyond proof of concept to apply it on an industrial scale. Ecoslops is also the first company sustainably processing petroleum residues into valuable new products.

Through its integrated process, Ecoslops offers shipping companies the opportunity to minimize the cost of the collection and treatment of hydrocarbon residues from their ships. It has already secured a significant portion of the petroleum waste supply for its Sinès facility through ship owners and European waste collectors.

“Our mission is to fight marine pollution caused by oil residues that are thrown overboard by ships. Ecoslops technology plays an important role in achieving this goal by reducing the collection costs imposed on shipping companies and producing, on an industrial scale, new fuels and light bitumen. ” Michel Pingeot, Co-Founder and Honorary President of Ecoslops

Several slops micro-refinery projects have already been identified around the world and are under development at various stages of development (Marseille la Mède, Antwerp, Suez Canal, etc.).